Are you a Sustainable, Conscientious Traveler? Read on to see if you are.

Going on a vacation requires an immense amount of planning, days saved and sometimes difficult decisions as to where and when to visit. If you’ve made arrangements through Vayeni, perhaps you wouldn’t have had to go through these hassles. Nonetheless, most trips are extremely rewarding, giving you a breather from the humdrum of daily life and allowing you to appreciate the myriad of the world’s experiences.

Another, fairly recent inclusion of travel awareness is Sustainability. Here are some tips on giving while you travel, multiplying your appreciation of what each destination has to offer:

  • Packing for a purpose gives you a chance to donate before you even travel, given you have adequate luggage space
  • Keep aware of your carbon footprint, enquire with your airline or agent on their policies and measures
  • Are your destinations employing/sourcing locally? This greatly enables your destination to provide for the people around it and keeps it going for your next visit
  • Most lodges/camps in National Parks support a local wildlife conservation unit. Keep yourself aware of the progress and donate if you can, even just by visiting.
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