Our Best Kept Secrets For Explorers

Go off the beaten path in 2019 and escape to one of these lesser known spots. We’ve shared below our secret spots across Africa for an unforgettable adventure.

1. Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe

“The Place of Elephants” is arguably Zimbabwe’s most beautiful National Park, an incredible place that often gets missed out because it is off the main tourist circuits and perceived as difficult to access. Yet for those willing to make just a little more effort to get there the rewards are massive. I often like to say that this park combines all the best attributes of Zimbabwe. Towering sand stone cliffs, known as Chilojo, guard the Runde river creating an iconic backdrop that acts like a giant canvas against which keen photographers can capture incredible moments. Even the elephants, who seem bigger in this area, are dwarfed by this might. There’s just so much to explore here!

Best things to do: Mobile Walking Safari; Drive Safari

Type of Accommodation: Tented Camp; Fixed Lodge

Best time to visit: April-September

Ideal budget: $500-$1,300 per person per night all inclusive

Access: Self Drive/Charter Flight

2. North Luangwa, Zambia

Everyone talks about South Luangwa, but up north one can find the old charm of safari, away from the crowds, a place still teeming with wildlife and best navigated on foot. There is exceptional knowledge and experience on the ground in North Luangwa, but they don’t shout about it, so we will because if doing something different is what you are after then this park has the answer.

Best thing to do: Mobile Walking Safari

Type of Accommodation: Mobile Tented Camp

Best time to visit: May-December

Ideal budget: $600-$900 per person per night all inclusive

Access: Scheduled flights from Lusaka

secret safari spots - north luangwa

3. Linyanti, Botswana

When you consider Botswana you immediately think of water wilderness areas like the Okavango Delta and Chobe River. The Linyanti offers this and more as well as being away from the main routes. If you can get over the fact that it might be a lesser known name then you are in for treat. This area is also home to some of Botswana’s finest camps and guides and a wildlife playground that rivals any on the continent.

Best thing to do: Drive Safari

Type of Accommodation: Luxury Tented Camp

Best time to visit: April-October

Ideal budget: $800-$2,500 per person per night all inclusive

Access: Scheduled flights from Kasane/Maun

4. Honde Valley, Zimbabwe

Here’s a special place that only a few of you will have heard of. Located in the east of the country the Honde Valley is characterised by rolling hills that play curtain raiser to the Eastern Highlands. It is also the ideal ground for some of the nation’s best tea plantations. Tropical forests filled with orchids and fresh water streams make for exceptional birding opportunities, but if it’s pure adventure you’re after then there are a multitude of options from rafting to canopy tours, to hikes and foofy slides, all best explored with experienced local guides. A new and worthy claim to fame for the area is the sky bridge that swings alongside one of the world’s most beautiful and loftiest zip lines. These provide thrill seekers with incredible views of the valley and Mutarazi Falls, Africa’s second highest waterfall.

Best thing to do: Birding, hiking, sight seeing, adventure

Type of Accommodation: Boutique style lodge

Best time to visit: Year Round

Ideal budget: $300-500 per person per night all inclusive

Access: Self-Drive

secret safari spots
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