The Eastern Highlands is a mountain range stretching for 300km down the eastern side of Zimbabwe, forming the country’s eastern border with Mozambique. The highlands comprise of three mountain groups: the Nyanga range to the north, the Chimanimani Mountains to the south, and the Bvumba Mountains centrally located, near the city of Mutare. This region is sparsely populated, and one of the most scenic areas in the country, providing visitors with awe-inspiring views, cool weather and fresh mountain air.
Nyanga National Park, occupying 47 000 hectares, is a vast area with lush, rolling hills, cascading waterfalls, and steadily flowing rivers. The mountainous terrain is home to a vast array of animals, including wildebeest, kudu, sable, eland, waterbuck and zebra. The glistening fresh water rivers provide an abundance of fresh water fish, such as the indigenous Nyanga trout, which make for an exciting day of fly-fishing.
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