The Zambezi National Park, covers an area of 53,700 hectares in the western tip of Zimbabwe. The mighty Zambezi River, for which the Park is named, forms its northern border. One of the smallest parks in the country, the Zambezi National Park is a prime location for adventure activities, exceptional game viewing, and luxurious Victoria Falls accommodation options.
 A wide variety of outstanding African wildlife can be seen in the Zambezi National Park, including all members of the Big Five, eland, giraffe, kudu, sable, waterbuck and impala. The Zambezi River is home to a vast array of fresh water fish, most notably bream, and the fierce Tiger Fish. Tiger Fishing is a popular sport on the River, and a day of attempting to bring-in one of these powerful species can easily be arranged.
There are two popular game-viewing points in the Park: the Zambezi River Game Drive, which runs along the river, and the Chamabonda Game Drive in the southern section of the Park – which is 25 km in length. Other spots from which to game-watch are in the Chamabonda Vlei area, as well as the lookouts at the Kaliankua and Njako Pans.
By far the best way to explore and experience the Zambezi National Park is on a game drive, either during the day or at night. There are several options available to suit the every need of travellers. Half-day, and longer canoe trips can be arranged within the Park, allowing adventurers the chance to get up close and personal with the African wildlife. What’s more, walking safaris are also on offer, for travellers seeking a thrilling encounter.
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